Friday 4 July 2014

We're continuing in Owl Barn

The wonderful chance to move to beautiful music has such a healing effect

Friday 6 June 2014

`Continued improvement

I'm now using my left hand - the one that stopped working after my stroke- for all sorts of thingsandmt gripis improving.

Peter Fare, my paid for therapist points out that this isrelatively easy:far more difficult is to let go!Do this is what I'm working on now : how to stretch my fingers right out.

I do this in lotsof short spurts of activity.Overandover again andthe handisgradually resonding.

I find that to start with I have to strain with evey part of my body > ThisI believe creates new connectioncin my brain then once established it gets easier

Saturday 31 May 2014

another breakthrough

I can open my hand a little and therfore be able to let go which is new

Thursday 29 May 2014

There :I did it:

Moved my middle finger! May not sound much to you but for me it's a major achievenent and I go to bed happy: there really is really "Life after stroke"

Join me in dreaming that I'm going to be a concert pianist next !Too bad Jess Gillam- you've had your five minutes of glory(more like an hour of well earned slog and display of brillince - my turn next!

watch from 2 minutes especially from 7 minutes

No harm in dreaming dreams I say.As long as you don't turn into a raving idiot like the sick idiots down at ,what do they call it, How appropriate is that : going nowhere.Just knocking the shit out of each other with their abusive language As for me I prefer my wild fantasiises. much more fun. Isn't that what's life is about at my 'young at heart' age of nearly Eighty just think, if you can, through your beer: nowhere people, I could be near 90 in ten year'stime then into my near century - ``Wow what a thought"

Feeling very optimistic

Is it time to stop day-dreaming andgo for the real thing?come to think of it i haven't had a decent - or indecent dream for a long time. time you'll agree to switch off those brain cells for afew hours and stop drivekvvng on and on.... . . . .  .  .   . ..just you get reading the hidden meaning of this morse code!

Next morning :had a great sleep - time to put my left hand and arm through it's paces.

What fun !

Monday 26 May 2014

Improving by the day

One trickI've learnt is to give your duff hand something to do .The brain gradually learnswhat is requred - when you've got a good hasnd you tendy yo use it asll the time:this means the one that doesn't work never learns.I can use my duff hand like a hook andcarry quite heavy objects.It's great to realise what I CAN DO. whoopee

Sunday 18 May 2014

Help from the neighbours

This help has been amazing . I came out of hospital on  Tuesday; Wednesday I talked to neighbour Simon who recommended to go to B&Q;went; in the evening Simon had already roped in Andy and they installed the rails that evening ; job done!