Friday, 4 July 2014

We're continuing in Owl Barn

The wonderful chance to move to beautiful music has such a healing effect

Friday, 6 June 2014

`Continued improvement

I'm now using my left hand - the one that stopped working after my stroke- for all sorts of thingsandmt gripis improving.

Peter Fare, my paid for therapist points out that this isrelatively easy:far more difficult is to let go!Do this is what I'm working on now : how to stretch my fingers right out.

I do this in lotsof short spurts of activity.Overandover again andthe handisgradually resonding.

I find that to start with I have to strain with evey part of my body > ThisI believe creates new connectioncin my brain then once established it gets easier

Saturday, 31 May 2014

another breakthrough

I can open my hand a little and therfore be able to let go which is new

Thursday, 29 May 2014

There :I did it:

Moved my middle finger! May not sound much to you but for me it's a major achievenent and I go to bed happy: there really is really "Life after stroke"

Join me in dreaming that I'm going to be a concert pianist next !Too bad Jess Gillam- you've had your five minutes of glory(more like an hour of well earned slog and display of brillince - my turn next!

watch from 2 minutes especially from 7 minutes

No harm in dreaming dreams I say.As long as you don't turn into a raving idiot like the sick idiots down at ,what do they call it, How appropriate is that : going nowhere.Just knocking the shit out of each other with their abusive language As for me I prefer my wild fantasiises. much more fun. Isn't that what's life is about at my 'young at heart' age of nearly Eighty just think, if you can, through your beer: nowhere people, I could be near 90 in ten year'stime then into my near century - ``Wow what a thought"

Feeling very optimistic

Is it time to stop day-dreaming andgo for the real thing?come to think of it i haven't had a decent - or indecent dream for a long time. time you'll agree to switch off those brain cells for afew hours and stop drivekvvng on and on.... . . . .  .  .   . ..just you get reading the hidden meaning of this morse code!

Next morning :had a great sleep - time to put my left hand and arm through it's paces.

What fun !

Monday, 26 May 2014

Improving by the day

One trickI've learnt is to give your duff hand something to do .The brain gradually learnswhat is requred - when you've got a good hasnd you tendy yo use it asll the time:this means the one that doesn't work never learns.I can use my duff hand like a hook andcarry quite heavy objects.It's great to realise what I CAN DO. whoopee

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Help from the neighbours

This help has been amazing . I came out of hospital on  Tuesday; Wednesday I talked to neighbour Simon who recommended to go to B&Q;went; in the evening Simon had already roped in Andy and they installed the rails that evening ; job done!

Had a stroke?

So have I!- Threeweeks ago and I'm learning hope to cope, fast.

I'm  very disappointed by the lack of support there appears to be avalable.

What haveyou found? Do you wan't to join forces?

I've found that Lynn Jones of Kendal has been brilliant but beyond this there seems very little help .

After threeweeks I still haven't had any physiotherapy despite going to my doctor and asking for help and having been discharged from Ward 6 of Furness General on the 1st threeweeks ago.nearly three weeks ago.

Steve the occupational therapist is brilliant and has come round to check that I've got rails in my house- he gave me some valuable tips.

At last I've got an appointment with the Crosslands day Centre for the 28th May which is a full month without any guidance from a Neuro Physio. I guess there's not much help available.

I'm up and about and walking with care asmy balance is affectedand I'm making up exercises for my arms I'mtrying hard to learn to grasp things but haven't a clue how to train my fingers to let go!

Am I right in thinking that I need to get my muscles working as soon as possible ?

     Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Are you interested in forming a group here in Ulverston?I've got a house in the Gill that is available. contact meby phone using 01229 480 347or email me :gd at

It's good to talk!